Transaction Constraints

Parameters needed to create a tx

Getting Pool Limits

Different privacy pools have different limits for deposit and withdraw operations. Limits can also depend on the user's 0x-address (address can be whitelisted).

async getLimits(address?: string, directRequest: boolean = false): Promise<PoolLimits>


  • address: An address to be used for evaluating limits. Zero-address is used if undefined.

  • directRequest: Request limits from the pool contract when true (otherwise, request from the relayer node).


Promise returns PoolLimits


const limits = await zkClient.getLimits('0x0ECD9494F9C1F98C07E5319273C75BEF6232E86D');
console.log(`You can deposit up to ${} BOB right now`);

Minimum Transaction Amount

The transaction amount cannot be less than the return value. This is applicable for each transaction type (for multi-transfer tx each note is must meet this minimum value).

async minTxAmount(): Promise<bigint>


Promise returns minimum transaction amount in the pool dimension.


const minTx = await zkClient.minTxAmount();
if (requestedAmount < minTx) {
    console.log(`Requested too small amount to transact!`);

Maximum Supported Token Swap During Withdraw

Privacy pools have the optional ability to swap an amount of tokens to native coins during a withdraw transaction (typically to seed a wallet with native tokens for operations). The following method returns the maximum number of tokens that can be swapped to native coins.

async maxSupportedTokenSwap(): Promise<bigint>

The swap is unavailable if maxSupportedTokenSwap returns 0


Promise returns maximum number of tokens available to swap to native coins (in the pool dimension).


const maxSwap = await zkClient.maxSupportedTokenSwap();
if (maxSwap > 0n) {
    console.log(`Congrats! You can swap tokens to the native coins!`);

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