Getting Started

10 steps to establishing yourself as an early supporter and expert user of zkBob and BOB

To familiarize yourself with the protocol and become an early adopter and experienced zkBob supporter, follow these 10 simple tasks!

  1. Follow us on Twitter.

  2. Sign up for our Blog. Get up to date info and Alpha right to your email, before it's released to the general public.

  3. Checkout our Dappback campaign. This will get you familiar with the product and walk you through various quests to learn and interact with zkBob. You receive a special NFT for participating.

  4. Create a zkBob zkAccount. Use your MetaMask or WalletConnect wallet, or create a standalone zkAccount on the zkBob deployments on Polygon or Optimism.

  5. Deposit into your account. Connect your wallet to deposit BOB. The transaction will show the wallet that deposited to the zkBob contract, but will not include any details about your zkAccount.

  6. Transfer to a friend. All transfers within the zkBob application are private, and do not show the amount or recipient to anyone other than the sender and receiver of the transaction.

  7. Withdraw to a new or existing address. The wallet receiving a withdrawal will show the withdrawal originated from the zkBob application, but no information about who sent it or the depositing source.

  8. Advanced: Mint BOB using a Uniswap v3 LP Position at

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