Multi-chain Custom Rollup Deployment

zkBob v2 will support a multi-chain deposit/withdrawal environment. Users will be able to initiate a private deposit and receive a withdrawal from their choice of supported chains.
Once initiated, shielded transactions will be relayed and deposited into a single consolidated zkpool deployment on an EVM chain of record. Rather than small pools with small anonymity sets deployed to each chain, a single pool fed by multiple cross-chain deposits will vastly increase anonymity for all users and provide the opportunity for faster anonymous withdrawals.
v2 will be deployed within a custom optimistic rollup-based framework. Rollups will be based on Optimism with customizations to support multi-chain assets and hybrid-chain deployment.


  • Deposit contracts deployed to custom rollups on multiple EVM networks.
  • Pool & Verifier contracts deployed on a single chain to optimize gas usage and consolidate resources into a single zkpool.
  • zkBob contracts will be deployed on rollups as precompiles to increase tx/sec.
  • Fast exits enabled via state-channel bridges.
    • Bridged stable assets can also be leveraged in compounding protocols to earn additional yield.
  • Potential whitelisting capabilities.