Fee Estimations

Calculating exact fee values for the different transactions

Estimate Transaction Fee

Calculate the relayer fee amount for the provided transaction configuration. A transaction request may produce several transactions, with the following method you have an ability to display fee details

async feeEstimate(
    transfersGwei: bigint[],
    txType: TxType,
    withdrawSwap: bigint = 0n,
    updateState: boolean = true
): Promise<FeeAmount>


  • transfersGwei - a set of transfer amounts (ignored for all transactions except with txType == TxType.Transfer)

  • txType is transaction type (a member of TxType enum)

  • withdrawSwap is an optional amount of tokens to swap in the withdraw transaction. This may influence the typical withdraw transaction cost due to the extra fee component (ignored for other transaction types).

  • updateState - update the state before fee estimation if true (fee may depends on account and notes configuration)


Promise returns FeeAmount object with fee estimation


const res = await zkClient.feeEstimate([100000000000, 12000000000], TxType.Transfer);
console.log(`The transfer will take ${res.txCnt} tx(s) and requires ${res.total} fee`);
// output: The transfer will take 1 tx(s) and requires 263573104 fee

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