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zkBob sponsorships and participation

The zkBob decentralized team is spreading the word about personal privacy options, compliance features, and zk tech through participation and sponsorship at many blockchain conferences and hackathons. We are partnering with ETHGlobal to sponsor several hackathons in 2023, and also participating at other conferences when we can.

Below are some highlights from events we've attended. See the zkBob blog for more in-depth overviews from these conferences.


Kirill ran a workshop for hackers on the zkBob app and how to integrate v1 for this hackathon. Starts at 57:50.


Igor presented at the Gweithering, an outside event before ETHIndia put on by our friends at Biconomy, Superblock, and Frontier.


Andrew spoke on compliant privacy features and enabling personal financial privacy with zkBob.

ETHGlobal Tokyo

Kirill presented on BOB and how to integrate zkBob direct deposits into an application. The talk starts at 39:45.


Igor presented at ETHTaipei on privacy, compliance, and zk proofs.

ETHGlobal Lisbon

Kirill ran a workshop on integrating zkBob into DeFi workflows. The workshop starts at 4:27:30.

Leading Privacy Alliance (LPA) Summit

Ulyana gave an overview of zkBob and compliance features that set it apart.


Mike presented on UI issues and solutions for web3 products like zkBob.


Mike presented on the importance of user-friendly interfaces to onboard the next generation of web3 users.


Andrew presented on compliance and privacy and how the 2 can coexist moving forward thanks to zk technology.

ETHGlobal Paris

Kirill led a workshop on zkBob and the new SDK available for developers.

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