XP (Experience Points)

Experience points - not in active use

Non-production feature

The XP mechanism is still in research and development.

Every time you put your money in the zkBob pool you earn additional XP. XP represent your contribution to the anonymity set. The more you invest funds and the longer you hold it inside the pool, the more XP is earned.

Your XP value is updated every time you make a transaction and growth calculated using the following formula:

e=Accin.b(Accout.iβˆ’Accin.i)+βˆ‘kNotek.b(Accout.iβˆ’pos(Notek))e = Acc_{in}.b (Acc_{out}.i - Acc_{in}.i) + \sum_k Note_k.b (Acc_{out}.i - pos(Note_k))


  • AccinAcc_{in} and AccoutAcc_{out} is the transaction's input and output accounts respectively,

  • NotekNote_k is the transaction's input note

  • pos(Notek)pos(Note_k) is the note's position in the Merkle tree

When you make a withdrawal transaction, you can get some amount (from zero to overall) of XP. The pool contract will mint XP for the address specified in such a transaction.

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