Mutable Operator Manager

The simple operator manager with relayer change support

This is a simple operator manager with single operator support which can be changed by the contract owner. There are no limits to the frequency at which operators can be changed. The Mutable operator manager contract also holds an operator URL address. This is used by clients to determine the current relayer's endpoint.

The initial operator address, feeReceiver (a second operator responsible for receiving fees) and URL address is set using the contract constructor:

constructor(address _operator, address _feeReceiver, string memory _operatorURI)

The Mutable operator manager has the following functions (along with the protocol implementation):

function setOperator(address _operator, address _feeReceiver, string memory _endpoint) external onlyOwner

It can only be invoked by the contract owner. To provide unlimited access to the Pool set the _addr parameter to address(0) and any string (preference for an empty string "") for _endpoint.

To get the current operator URL use the following function:

function operatorURI() external view returns(string memory)

This routine returns an empty string "" when access to the Pool is granted for any sender.

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