October 11, 2023

UI-focused updates

Latest Component Releases

Release Highlights (UI)

Payment links are an important feature for zkBob users. Users requesting private funds can send a payment link to anyone via regular channels like email, telegram, discord etc. When someone receives a payment link they don't need a zkBob account, and can use any token to make a payment. Improvements include:

  1. Available tokens and amounts are displayed to users sending a private payment, making it easy to select and send.

  2. Transaction confirmation has additional details, and can be downloaded by users.

  3. Payment receivers get a notification once they receive payment from a payment link.

  4. Payment link now supports both ETH and USDC pools on Optimism.

Portuguese language support

zkBob is seeing adoption from users around the globe. Portuguese language support was added to the app, and additional language support will be considered in upcoming version.

Message signing via ledger

A fix to support ledger hardware wallet users when signing messages in zkBob.

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