Transaction Maintenance

Monitoring transactions after sending

The relayer queues, verifies and sends your transaction upon receipt. It can take up to several minutes. To be able to track the transaction statuses the relayer provides you a job ID for each received transaction. You can use it in the following methods

Waiting Transactions Send to the Pool

Waiting all provided jobs to be sent to the pool contract

async waitJobsTxHashes(jobIds: string[]): Promise<{jobId: string, txHash: string}[]>

The corresponding version for single job ID is also available:

async waitJobTxHash(jobId: string): Promise<string>


jobIds - array of job identifiers or

jobId - job identifiers


Promise returns the array of objects where jobId is one of requested jobs and txHash - transaction hash associated with that job (or just a txHash for waitJobTxHash)


const res = await zkAccount.waitJobsTxHashes(['123', '124']);
console.log(`Done ${ => `job #${j.jobId}: ${j.txHash}`).join(`\n`)}`);
// output:
// job #123: 0xf1fcf095b4cfd9bda5b18024acf6a1fdf6d9e040a1ec4abed140088b802f73df
// job #124: 0xd5e8960bad7f5964dd3cf3c8853b33e4368c3ec4f3626ef1ea546b5405deeb58

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