Login to an existing account

If password is cleared from local storage, or accessing an existing account from a new device.

When you arrive at app.zkbob.com follow the prompts to get started!

1. Get started

Press the Get started button.

2. I already have a zkAccount

3. How did you create your account?

  1. Web3 wallet: You created your previous account by connecting MetaMask or WalletConnect to the application to generate your zkAccount.

  2. zkBob secret phrase: You created a standalone secret phrase to create your account and have this secret phrase written down somewhere safe.

3.1 Web3 Wallet

You will see a prompt to connect your wallet. Starting from step 2, continue through the Account Creation flow to reconnect your web3 wallet, sign a message, create a password and proceed to the application.

3.2 zkBob Secret Phrase

Enter the existing secret phrase and wrote down in a secure location during initial zkAccount creation.

Follow the remaining flow from the Account Creation section to create a new password and connect to the application.

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