Direct Deposits

External transactions to the privacy pool

Direct deposits allow other dApps and partners to make direct zkBob deposits by knowing the receiver's zk-address, without dealing with zk-cryptography. This greatly simplifies integration with other dApps and smart contracts

Sending Direct Deposit

You can deposit to your account via the direct deposit scheme.

Direct deposit processing can take up to 20 minutes.

async directDeposit(
    type: DirectDepositType,
    fromAddress: string,
    amount: bigint,
    sendTxCallback: (tx: PreparedTransaction) => Promise<string>,
    blockNumber?: number,
): Promise<void>


type - direct deposit type (token or native)

For DD with DirectDepositType.Token type you must ensure the direct deposit contract address has the allowance to spend your tokens. Before sending the direct deposit you must approve the required amount of tokens (do not forget the fee).

DirectDepositType.Native is only available for pools which serve native wrapped tokens like WETH. Such pools must have isNative = true in the Client Configuration

fromAddress - the 0x-address which will be used to deposit funds

amount - token amount to deposit into an account (in pool dimension)

The direct deposit fee will be fetched and added to the amount under the hood. Do not include it yourself.

sendTxCallback - a callback with transaction data (of type PreparedTransaction) which should be sent by the user. After sending the user should return a transaction hash.

blockNumber - the client will wait until the internal provider becomes synced with that block before input account balance validation. The waiting interval is hardcoded to 60 seconds. If the provider doesn't become synced within that interval the transaction will be sent anyway.


const myAddress = '0x49C92c016d2c7A245aAF5351BD932D9D61536eC0';
await zkClient.directDeposit(
    50000000000n,  // 50 BOB
    async (tx: PreparedTransaction) => {
      const txObject: TransactionConfig = {
        from: myAddress,
        value: tx.amount.toString(),

      const gas = await this.web3.eth.estimateGas(txObject);
      const gasPrice = Number(await this.web3.eth.getGasPrice());
      txObject.gas = gas;
      txObject.gasPrice = `0x${BigInt(gasPrice).toString(16)}`;
      txObject.nonce = await this.web3.eth.getTransactionCount(address);
      const signedTx = await this.web3.eth.signTransaction(txObject);
      const receipt = await this.web3.eth.sendSignedTransaction(signedTx.raw);
      return receipt.transactionHash;

Getting Pending Direct Deposits

Until sent direct deposits are processed and included in the privacy pool you can fetch the queued DD transactions belonging to your account.

Direct deposit processing can take up to 20 minutes.

public async getPendingDDs(): Promise<DirectDeposit[]>


Promise returns array of pending DirectDeposits.


const pendingDDs = await zkClient.getPendingDDs();
console.log(`You have ${pendingDDs.length} pending direct deposit(s) in queue`);
// output: You have 3 pending direct deposit(s) in queue

Getting Direct Deposit Fee

Use the associated accountless mode routine directDepositFee

Getting Direct Deposit Contract

The DD contract is a part of the privacy pool solution - so each pool has own direct deposit queue contract.

async directDepositContract(): Promise<string>


Promise returns the direct deposit queue contract address.


console.log(`${await zkClient.directDepositContract()}`);
// output: 0xE3Dd183ffa70BcFC442A0B9991E682cA8A442Ade

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