Development Timeline

zkBob has been in research and development since December 2020. The original concept was initiated by members of the now defunct xDai research group and the ZeroPool team. Chains with robust infrastructure led contributors to select Polygon and then Optimism for deployment.

zkBob Timeline

  • December 2020: R&D initiated.

  • June 2021: Prototyping and ongoing contract development on xDai.

  • December 2021: New contributors improve contracts, implement applications, prepare Kovan deployment.

  • March 2022: Testing, bug fixing, protocol updates and enhancements.

  • August 2022: Prep for beta launch and trusted ceremony, select Polygon for initial deployment.

  • April 2023: Second deployment on Optimism, making zkBob a multichain app.

  • July 2023: First ETH pool deployed on Optimism.

  • August 2023: Payment Link introduced.

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