June 13, 2023

Latest Component Releases

Release Highlights

Native token converter

Previously an automatic faucet delivered 0.1 MATIC to each new address with a withdrawal of 10 BOB or more. This was not adequate for some operations on Polygon and not functional at all on Optimism.

The new built-in conversion feature gives you an option to convert some BOB to native tokens during the withdrawal process. Choose to convert 1 BOB, 5 BOB, or 10 BOB into MATIC on Polygon or ETH on OP, and this will be sent to the withdrawal address along with the remaining BOB.

Dynamic fees on Optimism

Transaction fees were previously fixed for all operations on Optimism. This limited the protocol by discouraging participation from any community sequencers. Now dynamic fees on Optimism take into account both the current network gas price and the individual transaction size to determine the amount of gas required for a tx.

Dynamic fees are being activated first on the Optimism pool due to larger discrepancies between flat fees and the actual amount paid by the sequencer. Fees on Polygon will remain fixed for now at 0.10 BOB per tx, however dynamic fees will likely be introduced in a future update.

Prover warm boot

Optimizations to the Groth16 SNARK implementation save proving time at the cost of some additional allocated RAM. This is quite useful for sequencer performance, drastically reducing time required to prove the Merkle tree update when processing regular transactions as well as processing for direct deposit batches.

Optional password entry

This convenience upgrade gives you the choice to skip password entry for easier access to zkBob. The option is available in settings and can be changed at any time.

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