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zkBob is a stablecoin-based privacy application deployed on Polygon and Optimism and designed for everyday users and common use cases. zkBob uses zkSNARKS to anonymize senders, receivers, and amounts when transferring stable funds. Compliance features deter bad actors and illicit usage, giving privacy and safety back to ordinary blockchain users.
zkBob is optimized to work with the BOB token, a multi-chain stable token (stablecoin) enhanced with optional privacy. Once BOB is deposited into the zkBob pool, participants can transfer any amount* of BOB amongst themselves in a private, secure manner without needing to connect MetaMask, WalletConnect or any web3 wallet.
zkBob interface
When a transfer is initiated, the amount and recipient is never disclosed or published. Transactions are routed through a relayer, abstracting gas fees while providing an efficient transfer environment. Deposits, transfers and withdrawals are all processed on Polygon or Optimism, with standardized gas fees ($0.10 per tx) paid using BOB tokens. MATIC/ETH is not needed for any of these actions, simplifying usage.
  • The zkBob application is deployed Multichain (Polygon & Optimism) to utilize existing infrastructure (Uniswap v3, Aave, and native USDC), prioritize scalability, and support their commitment to zk-based solutions.
  • The BOB stablecoin is currently available on Polygon, Optimism, BNB Chain, Ethereum and Arbitru with additional chains on the horizon.
*zkBob introduces deposit and withdrawal limits and other compliance features to keep the application and its users safe. Transfers are limited by these pool constraints.

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